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Inspection Capabilities:

Roberts Manufacturing is totally committed to the goals of continual improvement and 100% customer satisfaction. RMCI has implemented a quality system to ensure these goals are achieved. Our Quality Assurance personnel offer over 75 years of experience and are trained to our inspection procedures. Customer requirements are communicated to all levels of inspection and production. State of the art inspection equipment is utilized by our Quality Assurance inspectors. Our Quality Department calibrates over 800 gages internally. At all levels of inspection, calibrated gages and equipment are employed.

 Major and Miscellaneous Equipment:

  • (1) Mitutoyo Bright Apex A-707  C.N.C. CMM
  • (1) Sheffield Cordax 1808 with Brown & Sharpe retrofit
  • (2) Micro-Vu video measurement system
  • (1) Federal FormScan inspection center
  • (1) Van Keuren light box
  • (1) Pratt & Whitney LabMaster gage calibration machine
  • (1) Federal-Mahr dual probe height measurement table with dual probes
  • (4) D-8000 Federal Dimensionair air gages
  • (1) Certified Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Large array of height stands, indicators, micrometers, calipers, thread rings, thread plugs, variable thread measuring systems, surface and hardness testers, pin gages, and other miscellaneous equipment.


















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